About Me



Olá e bem-vindo,

I’m Leonor Martins and at the age of six, my world flipped upside down. My parents beckoned my older brother and I to the living room of our cozy home in Lisbon, Portugal and asked whether we would be comfortable moving to the United States.

Just like that, my family and I pack our lives into suitcases and began our journey across the Atlantic. There I was, in a new country knowing only the absolute most important words any six-year-old could possibly need: ice cream.

I soon realized ice cream didn’t get me very far.

Learning English as a second language reassured me that no matter how challenging or impossible communication may seem, with the right mindset, there’s always a way.

And so, the journey to fulfilling my passion for communication began.

As a public relations student at The University of Texas at Austin, I’m discovering new ways to communicate with people and I hope to continue doing so for the rest of my life.

When I’m not geeking out over the Associated Press Stylebook, I’m most likely studying and feeding my caffeine addiction at a coffee shop. The smell of ground coffee beans and the therapeutic sound of acoustic songs often lead me to daydream about all that life has to offer, all the things I have yet to learn, and all places I have yet to step foot in.

Photo Credit: Daniel Garza